Pop & Lil Gaea in Style Piccoli Magazine!

We are in Style Piccoli Magazine this month!
Our Iconic Pyramid Drawers & Tower Shelf from our sister brand Lil'Gaea and Boheme Rainbow Sticker from Pop mentioned in Style Piccoli!
Boheme Rainbow XL Sticker from Pop, Pyramid Drawers Set of 5 Boxes & Tower Shelf from Lil'Gaea!
From Lil'Gaea & Pop 
https://lilgaea.com/urun/kule-natural-tr/ & https://popbygaea.com/products/kule-natural?_pos=1&_sid=d08842bbd&_ss=r
Boheme Rainbow Xl Sticker from Pop!
Pyramid Drawers from Lil'Gaea. We have different color and size options.