La Festa Tiger & Giraffe XL Sticker


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You can decide exactly how you wish to place the stickers and build the pattern of your dreams.

Design: Gaea Creative X Atelier Mave

Size: Size is 100×100 cm

2 pcs large leaves (34x30cm) / 2 pcs stems (6.5x33cm)
2 pcs small leaves (11.5x17cm) / 2 pcs stems (12x5cm)
1 pcs tiger (64×55.5cm) / 1 pcs giraffe (46.5x96cm)
1 pcs flower (13x13cm) / 1 pcs stems (9x9cm)
5 pcs ants (7x6cm) / 3 pcs rounds (3x3cm)
1 pcs tiny tree (30,5x38cm)

Details: All our stickers are printed on high quality sticker paper with water based safe inks, totally odor free.
The stickers are washable. To do so, gently wipe with a damp cloth.


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